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Forged In Mount Doom: JRR Tolkien And The Birth Of Heavy Metal

Forged In Mount Doom: JRR Tolkien And The Birth Of Heavy Metal

Saturday, June 15, 2024
6:00pm - 8:30pm
  Adult     Emerging Adult: 18-24 Year Olds     Intergenerational  
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Join Durham County Library at Beer Study for a special lecture and musical performance on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, fantasy literature, and the power of heavy metal with accompanying support from Durham dungeon synth artist Nightshade Forests and NC black metal group Mo'ynoq.

Why does Tolkien’s universe resonate deeply with so many heavy metal artists? To answer this question and many more, we will examine the relationship between Tolkien’s mythos and the music of heavy metal to show how Tolkien’s themes, characters, and landscapes have shaped and inspired this genre of music. From epic battles between good and evil to the impressive landscapes of Middle-earth, Tolkien’s imagery provides a space in which to investigate heavy metals’ aesthetics and themes. Following the lecture, Mo'ynoq will crawl forth from Minas Morgul and demonstrate the enduring power of that which was Forged In Mount Doom.

This event will be held at Beer Study, located at 2501 University Dr #4.

Join us and others before the grand event for some casual Lord of the Rings Magic The Gathering Commander games.  If you ever wanted to learn to play, observe games, or even join/create new MTG pod's, this is a great opportunity to do all 3!  *A playmat is recommended*  All ages welcome.  No Pubstomping (Rule Zero conversations recommended).

Dr. April Henry is a professor of German Studies at Duke University. Her main areas of interests are language pedagogy, gender studies, and the exploration of emotions in German medieval literature. In her research, she shows how literature is a template for emotions; it prescribes behavior; it fulfills a pedagogical function; and it illustrates that ideas about gender and emotions are not static. Her current project examines Kriemhild, a grieving widow in the Nibelungenlied, who oversteps gender boundaries by instrumentalizing her grief and using it to legitimize her revenge.

Nightshade Forests is a one-woman, Durham-based dungeon synth project, focusing on traditional dark dungeon music with an electronic edge. As with all dungeon synth, the music's dark fantasy atmosphere owes a significant debt to Tolkien's depictions of Mordor and the grim struggle against darkness. Furthermore, much of the inspiration for this project, including the name, comes from the black metal band Summoning, whose music was directly inspired by Tolkien's writings. 

Mo'ynoq are a Raleigh Black Metal that brandishes feral riffs and a uniquely humid atmosphere. Influenced by the likes of Immortal, Ash Borer, and Wolves in the Throne Room, Mo'ynoq has lured countless audiences across the United States into their pummeling sonic labyrinth, spinning dire narratives from which listeners struggle to escape. Their most recent release 'A Place For Ash' received #9 on Rolling Stone's Top metal albums of 2022.

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