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Beginner Computer Classes: Staying Organized

Beginner Computer Classes: Staying Organized

Thursday, August 11, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am
East Meeting Room - Full Room
East Regional Library
  Adult     Senior Citizen  
  Computer Class  
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The beginner computer classes teaches new computer users about computers and popular computer software. Topics include computer basics, internet browsers, Microsoft Office, and file organization. Whether you are a new computer user or a longtime user looking to improve, these classes will provide hands-on practice to develop computer skills.

This course will cover how to keep files on your computer organized and how to use the Cloud to protect and organize your files. Participants will learn how to create folders and move files. The course will also cover Cloud storage, including Google Drive, and how it can be used to securely store files.

Registration is required.

If you have questions about accessibility and accomodations for this event, please call (919)560-0208 or email emiles@dconc.gov.

Event Organizer

Evan Miles