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Sea And Be Seen: Visual Ecology In The Depths

Sea And Be Seen: Visual Ecology In The Depths

The ocean is full of fascinating, colorful, and charismatic animals: cuttlefish that can change color in an instant, mantis shrimp as showy as peacocks, coral reef fish that are striped, spotted, and painted in every color imaginable. But as we move into the depths and the light disappears, what hap​pens to how animals look? And how do predators spot their prey? The answer is that things get... well, weird. Transparent shrimp, as clear as glass. Squid with different-sized eyeballs. Fish with flashlights for spotting prey. Sea stars that flash while they crawl along the ocean floor. Join us as we explore how ocean creatures see and are seen, as we descend from the shallows to the very bottom of the ocean.


Dr. Julia Notar is a marine biologist who studies how invertebrates see the world and navigate. She earned her doctorate from Duke University and Master's from UCLA, where she studied the vision and behavior of sea urchins and brittle stars.

Saturday, September 24, 2022
3:00pm - 4:30pm
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